Juggling Around Iceland: An Online Trip (VIDEO)


Someone went to Iceland with juggling balls and a GoPro and recorded his entire trip. He then posted the video on Reddit from where it went viral over the internet.

While some think that the idea was brilliant, there are some who think that the video was just a waste of time. The video seems to be a GoPro promoter but it can also be used by The Icelandic Tourism Board. One user on Reddit even suggested that.

Relevant_User-Name wrote, “Seriously, if this isn't the best way for the people in charge of GoPro to advertise, I don't what is. You should try to send this to them for their next commercial. I mean, this has absolutely everything you'd want in a versatile camera commercial. Maybe they change the music, hopefully not. This is seriously amazing!!!

BlingForJohn posted, “Of all the videos I've seen of my country, professional and amateur, this is by FAR the most fun, beautiful and creative I've ever seen! I love it!”

S0lidStatedoubted, “Cool viral marketing video, Icelandic Tourist Board.”

Others were just amazed that the internet was capable of coming up with the most unimaginable stuff on the planet. Who would’ve thought of watching a travel video with juggling balls? It’s crazy and amazing at the same time!

You can take a short trip to Iceland in the video above and also share your opinions. Do you also think it can turn out to be an advertising stunt like S0lidStateon Reddit?

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