Feisty Kangaroos Fight Each Other On Streets

The Internet hasn’t seen a street brawl this interesting since Kimbo Slice happened.

The streets have seen a lot of bloody brawls, but none of them even compare to this video of two kangaroos fighting each other on the streets of Australia.

This unique kickboxing match involving the two marsupials took place in Central Coast, New South Wales a few days ago. The brawling kangaroos can be seen using the street as their ring and punishing each other with heavy blows as well as kicks.

What’s amazing is that their scuffle doesn’t turn grisly at any point. Perhaps, it was more like sparring than actual fighting. The duo trade shots for a good five minutes before the video maker decided he had seen enough animal violence for one day.

Since being posted on YouTube, this Kangaroos street fight video has gone viral and has close to 2 million hits.

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