Rowdy Teens Body Slam Parked Cars, Get An Instant Lesson In Karma

[WARNING: Contains strong language] Cops arrive as unruly teenagers run through the street, body-slamming parked cars.

A video shared on Reddit shows a bunch of rowdy teenagers running through a street, body slamming cars – and finally paying the price.

User oreoscar posted the footage on Monday from where it went viral. The YouTube video received more than 20,000 views in less than six hours.

Although no information has been provided in the link, FOX4KC reports that the teenagers were from Kansas City and were caught doing what is known as “Put ‘em in a coffin” prank on the Internet. The channel also interviewed one of the people whose car was damaged.

“In a video posted to the KCPD Facebook page, a group of teens is seen doing just that. It was in this video that [Tyrese] Gully recognized his car,” claims the channel.

”The damage is right here,” said Gully during the interview. “They kind of jumped on it right here, as you can see there’s a dent right here.”

As it appears, Gully had no idea his car was damaged until he saw the video.

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In fact, it’s not just cars that are used in this bizarre prank. Participants also jump backwards onto store displays to perform the stunt:

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