Here Is Proof Chimps Really Are Our DNA Relatives

April, 21, 2014: Kanzi's talents mean you will never question a bonobo's intelligence again.

We've known for a while that chimpanzees are quite smart and have the highest ratio of Emotional Intelligence (EI) when compared with any other specie not named human beings. Decades of lab testing have also provided scientific proof of their heightened intelligence, but wouldn't it be nice to see our old DNA relatives act all brainy in the wild?

Thanks to BBC One's Documentary series Monkey Planet, we now have visual proof of the chimps' brainpower and civility. In the video posted above, a bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee) can be seen collecting twigs, lighting a fire with a matchstick and toasting marshmallows on it without any help whatsoever.

The bonabo in question is the world famous Kanzi who has learnt this routine and now practices it to prepare roasted treats for his belly.

But this isn't the first time Kanzi has given a demonstration of its mental aptitude. In the past, he has successfully understood and played the arcade game Pac-Man. He is also an accomplished stone tool maker and has made stone knives sharp enough to cut ropes.

Check out Kanzi lighting up a fire and roasting marshmallows in the video up top.

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