Karma In Action: Man Curses Out Fellow Commuter, Then Has To Interview With Him

Manners first – especially when you’re looking for a job.

Matt Buckland experienced a rather rude commuter while traveling the tube in London. Imagine his surprise and amusement when the rude man turned up at his office for a job interview several hours later. 

He tweeted the story, which has since been retweeted thousands of times. 

"I was on my way into work on the Tube on Monday morning during rush hour. I stood to one side to let a lady get by, and ended up blocking a man momentarily. He shoved past me, almost knocking me over, and shouted," Buckland told BBC.

Buckland is the head of talent and recruiting for Forward Partners, a firm that funds start-up businesses. He interviewed the unidentified man as he normally would have, but thought it would be amusing to ask him general questions about his commute to see if he could recall the incident from earlier that day

The man did recognize him – and did not make the connection till the very end of the interview.

The two cleared the air, but the rude commuter lost out on the job. Buckland said he simply wasn't the best candidate for the job – and has firmly said he doesn’t intend to “shame” the rude man personally as he remains unnamed.

But Buckland’s tweet has gone viral, being a topic of discussion on Reddit as well as a Facebook post with more than 425,000 likes.

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