Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Sing 'I'll Make Love To You' In 2008 Karaoke Video

A recently published video featuring Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson singing karaoke together at a 2008 birthday party is totally trending on the internet.

The duo that has repeatedly denied any romantic involvement was filmed back in 2008 at Shannon Woodward's birthday party.

Both of the celebs are first sitting on their own chairs while belting Boyz II Menz ballad. Then Katy says: "My chair is too high to make love."  And after saying this, she sits on Rob’s lap.

Later in the video you can see her taking a sip from her friend’s drink while Rob beautifully sings, “I’ll make love to you.”

The longtime pals were caught on camera. It is unclear why the video just emerged now, as it appears from the time the first Twilight film was released.

The video was posted by the Burbank, Calif., karaoke club Dimples.

Watch Katy and Rob’s hilarious performance in the video above.

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