For The First Time In Forever, Queen Elsa Ends Up On Police’s "Wanted" List

Because the cold weather is totally Elsa’s fault!!

Police issue warrant for arrest of Disney's 'Frozen' Queen Elsa

Along with many other U.S. states, Kentucky is facing one of its chilliest winters in history.

At a time when temperatures continuously drop, the flurries don’t seem to stop and meteorologists predict more snowstorms, Kentucky police finally decided to amp up their game and catch the culprit responsible for all this: Queen Elsa of Arendelle – the Disney princess with powers to yield snow.

The Harlan County Police Department recently posted an All Points Bulletin on its Facebook page, informing the citizens about the warrant they have issued for Elsa’s arrest. To avoid any confusion,  they even posted some identification clues.

Apparently, the suspect they are looking for, is a “blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress” who occasionally bursts into “Let It Go.” 


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Probably to avoid any panic among the young (and adult) army of Frozen fans, HPD later posted another status, clarifying that it was all in jest.

They also took this opportunity to further advise people to stay off the icy roads and be safe. 


We appreciate the department for their sort-of-funny effort and clearing up the joke, because no one wants Elsa to get upset and unleash all her wrath, right? 

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