Fried Chicken Can Now Be Your Date’s Prom Gift

KFC introduced a drumstick corsage for your prom date

Want to lure your prom date? How about you do it with a corsage that has a drumstick?  Nope, you read this correctly; this is not a joke.

KFC’s “Finger Licking Good” franchise just turned bizarre with its recent “chicken drumstick corsage” that offers its customers a wrist corsage gently ‘plated’ on silky soft baby’s breath flowers. So, if you end up stuffing your tummy with the drumstick, the sweet smell of baby’s breath flowers would help keep you and your date fresh.

Not too heavy on the pocket, KFC’s corsage drumstick delight is available for just $20. Since the world is not short of people appreciative of a ridiculous idea, the KFC fried chicken corsage already has 20 orders and a request for a wedding. ‘You may now kiss the drumstick’ is what one can expect from the KFC lovin’ wedding party.

Doing all they can to entice sales, KFC promises to make this year’s prom one that both of you will remember for years to come. It definitely will be with remnants of grease on your prom gown when you #putawingon your wrist.

Twitter is buzzing with the #Putawingonit hashtag with fans (not ex-fans, we hope) expressing their horror over the new creation.

So what’s next from Kentucky Fried, a zinger flower bouquet maybe?

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