Romanian Youngsters Beautifully Mock Rich Kids Of Instagram

These Romanian kids’ Instagram game is way stronger than their rich counterparts.

Hilarious KFC advertising campaign

Rich Kids of Instagram” is a social media account featuring photos of wealthy, spoiled kids flaunting their designer handbags and million dollar cars while taking a vacation at some distant exotic place. The account is rather popular among youngsters who envy – yet crave – the lifestyle of those with more money.

Recently, KFC Romania decided to troll these rich brats with a campaign of their own. The fast food company invited a group of Romanian teens to send in their spoof photos mocking the extravagant poses from the famous account. These youngsters mimicked the original pictures by replacing the flashy items with more realistic substitutes.

KFC trolls Rich Kids with Instagram in Romania

Meet the not-so-rich kids of Instagram

Tweets about #distractiepebaniputini

Romanians spoof Instagram accounts

Romanians spoof Rich Kids of Instagram accounts

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These photos were posted under the hashtag “distractiepebaniputini” which translates to “little money, big fun.”

The expensive cars in the original photos were replaced by toy cars, exotic animals with stuffed replicas, smart phones for old-timey rotatory phones, euros for bronze coins and such.

Romanian KFC Campaign Taps UGC to Parody Rich Kids

Hilarious KFC advertising campaign

Romanian Kfc Campaign Taps Ugc To Parody Rich Kids

Romanian KFC Campaign Taps UGC to Parody Rich Kids

Romanians spoof Rich Kids of Instagram accounts

This campaigned came from KFC’s “Smart Menu” project, a low price meal deal.

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