Teen From Viral Yearbook Photo Dies

Hana LaRock
Sadly, the teen whose laser cat photo went viral died tragically.

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The high school student featured in a viral yearbook photo with his cat and lasers killed himself at his home.

Draven Rodriguez, 17, was found dead in his home in Schenectady, New York, but it's still not known why he decided to take his own life. 

The famous photo went viral after Rodriguez's school wouldn't let him use the cat photo for his yearbook picture. Rodriguez started a petition that garnered 7,500 signatures to use the picture with Mr. Bigglesworth in the yearbook. He ultimately had to use a different picture.

Rodriguez had said before his death that he didn't want to spark any controversy with the photo, he just wanted to be remembered for his personality, and not just his face, after graduation.

People who follow Rodriguez's Instagram page have written messages of their condolences to the teen and his family.