Kid Hits Homer During An Intentional Walk (VIDEO)

The video above posted by Redditor wandrngfool in which a kid hits a homer during an intentional walk is going completely viral over the internet.

 YouTube description of the video reads:

Hits a walk-off HR while being intentionally walked by Sonoma Valley. Benicia All Stars win 12-2. (It is a walk off because of the mercy rule.)

The video was published back in 2010 but is just recently getting viral and everyone is watching it after being posted on Reddit.

Many people commented on the video but this user came up with an interesting story.


I had a kid like that on my baseball team when I was younger. He was a foot taller than everyone else on the field and outweighed everyone by at least 50 pounds. Opposing teams accused him of being over the 12 year old age limit so many times that his parents began bringing his birth certificate to every game.

Enjoy the video above.

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