Kids Are Getting Arrested In France For Distasteful Comments

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris a few weeks ago, France is taking everything seriously.

What French teens think is funny can now get them arrested.

A 16 year old boy was arrested a week after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. The boy's crime was posting a picture on Facebook of a man holding a Charlie Hebdo magazine, getting shot. While others might think this was 'too soon' after the attacks, the boy simply thought it was ironic and funny.

While the media didn't report the photo, it seems that this one going around the internet is the one. It may seem pretty distasteful at first, but if you look closely, the magazine the man is holding is an actual cover used by Charlie Hebdo in July 2013 after the military coup in Egypt. 

The photo, while totally insensitive, is a good message for the irony and hypocrisy that seems to be going on in France right now.

This boy is not the only one to get arrested for his actions. French authorities are cracking down on anything that takes advantage of freedom of speech, and young people are no exception. After the string of attacks in France, 69 arrests have been made, and some of them have been completely ridiculous.

Some of these arrests include a 14 year old who made a joke to a tram conductor that they were the "Kouachi sisters".

Another was arrested while he was drunk for making comments that "defended terrorism". In fact, in most of these arrests, it was a case of "defending terrorism".

Should kids know better than not to joke about these things? Or is the French government going overboard with these arrests? 

While freedom of speech shouldn't be abused, the conversation is a difficult one and some people are wondering if the attacks on Charlie Hebdo are being turned around.

Also, most people getting arrested are from North-African descent, which makes the situation even more complicated.

If you go to France, be sure not to say anything that could be perceived as 'defending terrorism'-you might end up in jail.
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