Kids Vandalize Car Dealership, But How The Owner Reacts Is Inspiring

By deciding to look at someone else's needs rather than his own this man became a counter cultural leader in the war against selfishness.

2015 is a very selfish time to be alive. 

There are more ways to be self-aggrandizing and individually obsessed today than there have been at any other point in the history of mankind.  

We are obsessed with taking pictures of our faces, our food, our clothes, our stuff and if anyone threatens to pop our bubbles of personal adulation than we strike out with extreme prejudice. 

This is the reason why people get into fights over scuffed shoes and why there is such a mad dash to be the first one off of an airplane the second it lands. 

Life has become about how to get what's best for the individual and punish those who offend our over-inflated senses of entitlement. 

Such toxic attitudes would do well to change and one man at least is attempting to do just that. 


Those Darn Kids 

Last October a local car dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota reached out to their community. The dealership — Schulte Subaru — was attempting to track down two youths that had broken onto their lot and caused around $25,000 of damage in vandalism. 

The boys were rounded up, but as soon as the dealership's owner Mike Schulte heard their story he immediately dropped the charges. 

Rising Above

The boys were only 10 and 14-years-old and the 14-year-old in particular was living in extreme poverty with his single mother. The boy had to walk over three miles just to get to school each day and neither him or his mother had a suitable place to live. 

Rather than seek restitution for the damages to his cars, Schulte instead decided to spend more of his own money to purchase a place for the boy and his mother to live. 

He also bought the boy a bus pass and a new bicycle to help him get to class. 

In return the boy offered, unprovoked, if he could come to the dealership on his weekends and help out by cleaning or emptying trash cans. 

Schulte and his entire staff plan to keep supporting this young man until he graduates from high school according to

This story just goes to show that rising above personal slights and our own perceived sense of justice can often lead to a higher form of good. 

By deciding to look at someone else's needs rather than his own Schulte has become a counter cultural leader in the war against self-absorption. 

We should all follow his lead.  

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