Kind Strangers Buy Car For Man Pedaling Through Snow To Work

Tony Berard, who works at a grocery store, had to ride his bike 7 miles on a busy highway to work the nightshift in severe weather conditions.

Tony Berard, a Michigan man, was  riding his bike through a snowstorm last month when a stranger, Jason Kapoor, first saw him.

Berard, who works at a grocery store, had to ride his bike 7 miles on a busy highway to work the nightshift and was doing so in severe weather conditions.

Kapoor felt bad for the man’ situation and immediately offered him a ride, which Berard accepted without hesitation. He said, “I would love a ride,” before telling the  kind stranger this was his fifth year riding a bike to work in the snow and how his wife’s illness had landed them in financial trouble.

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Although the couple owned two cars, both of them were out of order and due to lack of money, they were unable to get them repaired.

Upon hearing the man’s story, Kapoor decided to do help him. He posted Berard’s account on his Facebook page, telling people to give a ride to Berard, or any other stranger, struggling through the cold.

Last night around 10:30 I was driving west on M59 towards Airport when I saw person on a bicycle riding with the flow of...

Posted by Jason Kapoor on  Sunday, 22 November 2015

The post was soon shared 17,000 times. Jason later set up a GoFundMe account called “Keep Tony Warm” in order to collect money to get Berard a used car. Donations started pouring in and he gathered $19,000 in nine days only.

Coincidentally, Kapoor who works at a car dealership, struck a deal with his workplace and got Berard a minivan with a heater.

"This will change my life dramatically," Berard told "Something as little as being able to get everything I need from the grocery store because I can put it into my car now instead of my bike basket. Also, my family will no longer fear me getting hit while riding my bike. It will just make life easier for me and my wife. I will never take any of this for granted."

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Needless to say, Berard must be extremely happy with his new vehicle considering he doesn’t have to battle the snow on a daily basis anymore. The incident also goes to show us that even small acts of kindness for people struggling through tough times can go a long way.

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