This Toddler Is Doing Something Really Special For The Homeless

When this toddler learned what it means to be homeless and that many people don’t have what he does, he decided to do something about it.

In October, 3-year-old Patrick McClung from Anchorage, Alaska, found himself in tears when his mother Destinee told him about the struggles of the homeless.

The little boy was extremely distressed, but quickly decided to take matters into his own hands — with the help of him mom, that is. Patrick and his mom set up donation boxes around town to collect clothing, toiletries and other goods for the homeless.

Patrick collected approximately 10 bags of items so far; mom Destinee made flyers asking people to donate items such as blankets, winter apparel, socks and personal care products.


Look who has his own name tag!

Posted by Destinee McClung on  Thursday, 12 November 2015


The donation boxes were put up at the child’s preschool and also at his grandmother’s company, besides the many other spots around town. The response has been amazing as many people have come together to not only contribute to the cause but also help in sorting and packing the stuff.  

The toddler, however, went the extra mile as he sold some of his favorite toys in order to buy necessary items for the homeless.

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Patrick also volunteers at the Donwtown Soup Kitchen, handing out desserts and chatting with people.



“Patrick has always been a very giving person and for over a year has wanted to be Santa when he grows up,” Destinee told ABC News. “He has done more for the homeless community in less than a month than I've done in my entire life.”

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