Thieves Who Broke Into King Of Instagram's Mansion Tried To Steal This

Multimillionaire Dan Bilzerian had his L.A. mansion broken into while he was partying it up in New York. Here’s what the thieves tried to steal first.

“The King of Instagram,” Dan Bilzerian, famous for posting pictures on social media of his fabulous life surrounded by girls, money and guns, had his L.A. mansion broken into on Friday, while he was out of town.


Heading to @shaychicago after dinner with these classy ladies

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Quiet night out w @caitlin__oconnor and @crystalhefner

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The 34-year-old, who has 12.2 million Instagram followers, made headlines in December when he threw porn star Janice Griffith off his roof during a photo shoot. Griffith, who luckily landed in the pool, broke her ankle and subsequently sued Bilzerian.

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Bilzerian, who in July announced that he would run for president of the United States, also released a presidential campaign video dubbing himself as a "sexual philanthropist" and featured him at a pool party surrounded by bikini-clad girls.


My office is a bit of a mess

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Packed for Art Basel, say what you will about my shitty clothes, my accessories are fashionable

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Face down ass up

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Speaking to People magazine, Bilzerian said burglars broke into his house while he was out of town, but did not manage to steal anything. The thieves, who were extremely well-versed covering their tracks, went around obscuring surveillance cameras with black rubber and even wore ski masks like old school thieves.

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The invaders seemed to know exactly what they wanted from the mansion: Bilzerian's gun room. But they were unable to get in due to the security of steel reinforced closets. The alarm system in the house immediately notified the police as the burglars broke in, but they still managed to get away before the cops arrived and left with absolutely nothing.

The multimillionaire, who has already suffered three heart attacks due to his lavish lifestyle, said he plans on changing the locks to his house as well as his cars following the burglary.

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