Watch The Worst Knife Thrower Ever In The History Of Performing Arts

The horrified look on the face of his poor assistant tells that this wasn't a part of the script.

Talent shows are no stranger to incompetent, completely amateurish troupes who think they are very talented, despite all evidence to the contrary.

YouTube actually has plenty of examples of aspiring entertainers walking the stage and making complete fools of themselves. However, this latest one from Lithuania takes the cake.

In the video below you will find a group of impalement artists who appeared as contestants on what looks like the Lithuanian version of America's Got Talent. In one particular act of this extremely untalented bunch, a knife thrower can be seen demonstrating his skills – if we can call them that.

The guy is bald, old and has his glasses on, but we're not sure if he was seeing things clearly because he nearly missed all his shots. What's even bad is that at around the 1:17 mark, he stabbed his poor assistant in the finger. Blood poured down the left index finger as both the audience and the judges looked on in horror.

But, wait. The knife throwing grandpa wasn't done yet. A few seconds later (1:30), he very nearly pierced the boy's other index finger. Like that was such a success, he then decided to up the ante a little – this time throwing flaming fingers, and again missing all his targets.

But the real horror was yet to begin as a water melon was then placed right above the assistant's head. He was supposed to hit the fruit, but that's the only place his knife didn't land. Instead, one landed just next to the assistant's horrified face. To his credit, he still played along, offering a smile despite knowing that the knife thrower came within inches of denting his face.

Actually, the horror on the pony-tailed target's face was evident from the beginning, which means he knew what he was in for before shi* hit the fan. Just imagine what it's like for him in training. Once the torture was finally over, the judges took over, and while we can't make sense of what they're saying in the video, their body language tells that they were just as petrified as you'll be after watching the video above.

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