Komodo Dragons Almost Recreate Jurassic World Scene In Real Life

These lizards are carrying their distant relatives' brutal legacy with just the same venom.

Komodo Dragons

Dinosaurs are extinct so those beastly Jurassic World fights will probably never happen in real life. But the world did at least catch a glimpse of a violent reptilian fight between two Komodo dragons recently, all thanks to wildlife photographer Andrey Gudkov.

Captured on Rinca Island, Indonesia, the pictures down below are that of a tussle between two full-sized Komodo dragons. It all happened when the two reptiles crossed path and developed an immediate disliking for another.

 Real life Komodo dragon battle looks just like Jurassic World epic

The lizards then wasted no time in getting physical, and after a lengthy brawl, the lizard on the left slammed its opponent on the ground. It was a violent but a clean fight as the two reptiles then parted ways as a winner had quite clearly been found.

Gudkov, who saw and captured the skirmish through his lens, said: “It happened all of a sudden and was very unexpected. The dragons met at a narrow ‘street’ on a hilltop. No one wanted to leave or step back. So they started this fight.

Komodo dragons take part in titanic battle for supremacy

“During the fight the dragons were very aggressive. I thought to myself - they might even attack me. That's why I had rangers accompany me, just like a safari in Kenya. It was dangerous.”

Two giant Komodo dragons clash like real life Jurassic Park battle

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