Kookaburra Laughs With The Audience At San Diego Zoo (Video)

There’s a Kookaburra bird at the San Diego Zoo which is popular for its iconic laughter.

Crikey is a popular bird among the visitors at the zoo.  When zoo goers roll their R’s together, it replies to them with an awesome laugh call.

The video is old but after trending high on Reddit, it is once again getting viral over the internet.

Here’s how people responded to the video:

Well that brought a gigantic smile to my face.

Then the infectious laughter followed.


They seem funny in a zoo but kookaburra's can be super annoying in your backyard


Kookaburras are just the best.


Crikey: "Look, I can make all these humans sound like idiots."


I like to think he was laughing at them for making that sound. "Haha I can get you people to do anything I want!"

Let us know with your comments if you enjoyed his laughter too.

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