This Reporter Was Just Doing Her Job When She Was Verbally Harassed

June 11, 2014: This reporter was just doing her job when she was verbally harassed by a totally random – probably drunk – stranger.

Reporters get into all sorts of awkward situations, pretty much all the time. They fall into rivers, receive head-butts from goats, are sent into raging blizzards and, sometimes, these people even get shot at while performing their duties.

It’s a tough life, no doubt about that.

A KTLA staffer found herself in an equally uncomfortable state of affairs on Sunday when she was reporting the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade live from West Hollywood.

Christina Pascucci told her viewers how some people had been arrested for drinking too much during the festivities, when suddenly a man – who looked really very drunk – came up to her and yelled "You Are So F*****g Hot" at her on air.

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Pascucci – who visibly looked offended – immediately moved away from the creepy guy who tried to approach her again. She quickly ended the segment.

Television reporters are used to video bombers – people who wave and do all kinds of wired stuff in the background to get attention – however what happened with Pascucci was in no way flirtation or any other acceptable form of unnecessary intrusion. It was pretty close to verbal harassment.

The guy was lucky she didn’t hit him in the face.

Pascucci took it in good humor and tweeted the link of the video on her Twitter account.

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You can watch the awkward news report in the video above.


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