Lake Floods With Bourbon, Catches Fire When Lightning Strikes

When people talk about the "perfect storm," they don't usually imagine a mad fusion of fire, water, lightning, and, uh, bourbon. But you know what? They should!

There are natural disasters such as floods and wildfires, and then there's the rare confluence of natural disaster and manmade disaster-waiting-to-happen. Case in point, Bardstown, Kentucky circa 2003. As a recent post by The Weather Channel relates, a Jim Bean facility in Kentucky was struck by lightning around 12 years ago, flooding a nearby retention lake with a staggering 800,000 gallons of bourbon.


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That would be news enough, if it weren't for the fact that alcohol has a tendency to catch fire in the right circumstances. Being struck by lightning not once, but twice, happens to be one of those circumstances.

In the end, what transpired was no mere flood or lightning strike or conflagration, but a "firenado" so stunningly disastrous that it verged on summer-blockbuster-level spectacular.

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A lake brimming with bourbon becomes the nesting ground for a firenado, after a lightning strike destroys a Jim Beam warehouse in 2003. Watch, as the whirl *really* gets going 20 seconds into the video. (Don’t forget to unmute the video to hear the story.)

Posted by The Weather Channel on Thursday, 3 September 2015

But let's put the thrill of the spectacle aside and remember that fiery lakes are not cool, people. Many fish died on that day, a nearby creek was contaminated, and the whole debacle racked up nearly $70,000 in damages. Not cool.

(Maybe a little bit cool?)

Not cool.

Also worth noting: Jim Bean has a brand of cinnamon-flavored bourbon called "Kentucky Fire." Coincidence? We think not.

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