Monsters Run Scared Of Little Children In This Art Series

No sense in being scared of something that is just a figment of our imagination.

If there's one scary constant about every childhood, it's the bedtime monsters. Most children harbor a fear of these imaginary creatures but grow out of it with age.

Some, however, find it difficult to shake off this prepubescent phenomenon. To help children fight their make-believe fights, French artist Laure Fauvel came up with a picture series named Terreurs.

In her series, she has shown children fighting back against their bedtime enemies who look terrified by the toy weapons our little monsters are holding at them.

What makes the series even more interesting is Fauvel's seamless blending of the real with surreal, like this:

Fauvel's idea behind this series is very clear. "I wanted the children not be victims and to fight the monsters," the 22-year-old told The Guardian.

To view more of Laure Fauvel's amazing artwork, visit her website of Behance page.

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