Unstoppable Hawaiian Lava Flow Just About To Destroy Homes

Lava from Kllauea volcano is fast approaching the community of Pahoa.

Hawaiian lava

Lava eruption from Kllauea volcano already disrupting the lives of some 1,000 people on Hawaii’s Big Island. Soon, it will likely leave many of them homeless. 

The active volcano has been spewing lava since June 27, and it has now reached a point where the hot molten rock is coming in direct contact with the residential community of Pahoa. Most people evacuated the area and moved to other parts of the island, but those staying behind have captured some stunning photos:

Hawaiian Lava

“It’s so surreal," one Pahoa resident Denise Lagrimas told the Associated Press. "Never in my wildest dreams as a kid growing up did I think I would be running from lava.”

Check these out:








According to a report by NBC News, the lava flow is a mere 100 feet away from Pahoa homes, and is advancing at the speed of 5-10 yards per hour.

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