Lee Rubenstein Is The Internet’s Most Benevolent Catfish

Lee Rubenstein didn’t set out to be a catfish, but the internet has a habit of knocking on Rubenstein’s door, and, gentleman that he is, Lee answers.

Lee Rubenstein didn’t set out to be a catfish. (Catfishing is a term the kids are using these days. It means to pretend to be someone else on the internet. Most people just call that “using the internet.”) But the internet has a habit of knocking on Rubenstein’s door, and, gentleman that he is, Lee answers.

The first incidence of catfishery happened when Rubenstein somehow got put on an email about a youngster’s birthday party. Where most of us would see nuisance, Rubenstein saw opportunity:

“A mom sent out an invite for her son Ethan's birthday party,” Lee explains. “She used my email instead of hers for the RSVP. Pretty sure I just hooked Ethan up like a boss.”

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Everyone wins! Nikki and Taylor feel less bad for missing Ethan’s birthday, and Ethan gets legos! Every kid loves legos. One day Ethan will be an architect, and it will be because of this email exchange. And in case you’re confused, no, Rubenstein doesn’t know any of these people.

Then, maybe because of something related to the Ethan/Madison crowd, or maybe just because of internet serendipity, lightning struck again two months later. Lee got put on the email list for parents of a little league team.

In case that’s hard to read, here is Rubenstein’s email:

Hey all,

This email got me thinking. What if for each game the parents responsible brought two sets of snacks. One would be the typical nutritious snack (e.g. orange slices) and the other would be some sort of awesome, over-the-top dessert. If the team wins the game, they get the great snack. If they lose, they get the regular snack, and then the parents get to eat the dessert snack. I think a two-snack system would not only make future games more exciting for all concerned, but it’d be a fun way to incentivize the kids to give it their all each week. I know when I was a kid, I didn’t care about getting some little trophy at the end of the season, but I’d do pretty much anything for a double-fudge brownie.

It’s probably short notice for Dan and Jill to try this plan for Saturday, so maybe next week? I’ve been doing some research on Pinterest and found a board with a lot of good ideas for crazy desserts. http://www.pinterest.com/kathybkool/crazy-desserts/ Give it a look!



Lee Rubenstein: Hero to the children of unsuspecting parents who stumble into his inbox.

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