Jordan The Cat Is An Official Member Of Edinburgh University’s Library

Getting a library card is a just one small step for Jordan, one giant leap for all of catkind. .

Library cat

There is a very famous feline that habitually visits Edinburgh University library. His name is Jordan and he has both a Facebook page and a Twitter account, managed by students who adore the pet. To officiate his frequent visiting hours at the library, Jordan has been issued an official library card – a phenomena that is slightly bizarre but not completely crazy in a world perpetually obsessed with cats.

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Library cat

Jordan, AKA Library Cat is quite the adorable cat. Now 8-years old, Jordan was adopted by a Catholic chaplaincy in the area when he was a kitten. He started frequenting the library, bravely passing through George Square, to find sanctuary in the warmth of a heated space. Students soon grew to love him, graciously welcoming the furry creature into warm nuzzling hands.

So the Facebook page – which has over 6,000 likes and will probably cross over the 7,000 mark – was made by students who bonded with Jordan. It was also pointed out that, given the library was a space for studying, students enjoys the presence of a feline to relax or calm their nerves.

A spokesperson for the university said that Jordan is a welcomed visitor to the building and is "much loved by students and staff alike". He returns to the friar for his meals.

Having a cat on campus is not an unknown story. Often strays wander here and there, but the issuing of a library card is a first for all of catkind.

Naturally, people are happy about it:

Even if it’s a little tarnished with some of those catty remarks:

Maybe soon enough, other universities and libraries will follow suit:

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