15 Pieces Of Advice From God On Twitter That Will Make Your Lives Easier

The word of God, as tweeted by Him. God is everywhere and that’s why he is now also on Twitter.

The account that goes by the handle of “Tweet Of God” is a brilliant parody of how the almighty would – or most probably would not – communicate with his most loved and hated creation;  human beings.

The hilarious thread is full of acerbic wit as well as sarcastic and narcissistic comments. It boasts over 1.2 million followers and you wonder if it is being run by a comic genius who can give a voice to the twisted thoughts and doubts you sometimes have regarding God.

Well, the account is indeed being run by someone who has a lot of experience making the world laugh through his writings.

Dave Javerbaum, the former head writer on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”, is the mastermind behind popular Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod. The veteran humorist received 11 Emmy Awards while working for Comedy Central’s popular late-night satirical show.

He has also written a book The Last Testament: A Memoir By God, which basically inspired the parody account.

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We’ll now have a look at some of the most creative tweets from God that will not only tickle your neurons but also push some sense into you.

1. So are you one of those people who think blaming others for your problems is easy?

2. Practicing vs. preaching:

3. People who aspire to “change” the world

4. When you thing God has started talking to you:

5. On climate change:

6. What you can do for world peace – and for yourself

7. Don’t stop believing:

8. Remember the 10 New Commandments

9. Here’s how you should deal with grumpy people

10. Do not be embarrassed of your confessions to God:

11. On Grammar

12. How to deal with your problems:

13. On killing dolphins:

14. Stand up for what you believe in:

15. What can be better for you than free will:

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