Pranksters Fool Art Snobs With The Magnificence Of An IKEA Painting

As one expert says, “It’s a depiction of chaos in his mind.”

IKEA art prints are extremely underrated, not only because they are cheap but also because they're mass manufactured works by unknown artists – two factors that make them worthless for pretentious art experts.

To test if these experts could actually differentiate between a million dollars worth high-class paintings and IKEA’s Street Art Collection, Internet prankster group “Life Hunters” decided to put a $15 art print in Museum of Modern Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The host asks art fans to value the painting of a mechanical spider mounting a whale, referring to it as the work of a Swedish artist “Ike Andrews.” The expert analysis, however, is surprisingly hilarious.

They all love it. One calls it a “depiction of the chaos in his mind,” while another thinks it includes “nostalgic attributes.”

One museum-goer even says he would pay 2.5 million Euros (about $2.6 million) for the piece because anything above that would be “too pricey.”

Watch the hilarious prank video above to find out the "experts’" reaction when they learn the truth.

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