Messi vs Kobe Bryant: The Selfie Competition VIDEO


With Selfie being declared the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, the phenomenon of taking your own picture is a global fad and the latest to join this craze are football legend Lionel Messi and all-time great basketball player Kobe Byant.

The two came together in this ad for Turkish Airlines and the video is a real treat for fans of both athletes. Called ‘Kobe vs. Messi The Selfie Shootout’, the video shows both men flying across the globe on Turkish Airlines in a bid to outdo each other.

While Lionel thinks he has won the battle by swimming with a shark, Kobe goes one better and get a kiss on the cheek from a gigantic lion.

The video is a must watch to see which one of these globetrotters comes out on top. 

Kobe vs. Messi The Selfie Shootout from HUGO MODESTO IZURDIAGA on Vimeo.

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