Baby Unfazed As Lioness Tries To Rip His Head Off At Texas Zoo

This has to be the chillest toddler on the planet.

Does Zari the lion want to play with this little guy – or perhaps make a meal of him? 

It would scare most of us to be in a lion's steely gaze, but this toddler in Texas just goes with it when 7-year-old lioness Zari tries to get at him at the El Paso Zoo in Texas.

Zari seems to love interacting with children. Check out the video of her attempts to play with the tot, who appears to be completely unfazed by the lioness. Children tend to provoke lions' instincts at zoos because they're low to the ground and appear vulnerable.

Lions and cheetah sometimes will spend several minutes playing with their prey before finally chomping their heads off.

Craig Packer, from the Lion Research Center at the University of Minnesota, notes "some of the lions look quite playful but in their attempts sometimes the animals will spend minutes playing with calves or gazelle before chomping them." He also added that "predators generally treat babies/calves/fawns differently from adults because they are such easy prey and they have no chance of escape, so what’s the hurry?"

Toddler (and glass enclosure): 1. Zari: 0.