Ancient Torture Methods From Around the World To Make Your Stomach Turn

If the recently-released CIA torture report sent a chill down your spine, these specimens of cruelty from ancient times definitely will make your skin crawl.

Torture, in its purest and cruelest form has always been the favorite tactic used by law enforcement agencies to extract information, punish criminals, or to simply inflict excruciating, agonizing pain on anyone who dared to disagree with the version of things which is a norm.

Following is a list of THE most tortuous devices used in the medieval times to help you become a virtuous, law-abiding citizen. 

1) The Judas Cradle

Ancient Torture Methods

This Italian invention was pretty effective in executing a slow, miserable death. The convicted was lowered onto the ‘pyramid seats’ using ropes, with the ‘point’ inserting the anus or vagina. Thus, began the victim’s ordeal that lasted up to death. 

2) The Guillotine

Ancient Torture Methods

From the land of Chanel and fashion weeks, came this ingenuous torture device. The victim’s head was kept on the raised platform and the blade of the guillotine lowered onto it. This was a clean, quick form of decapitation. 

3) Coffin Torture

Ancient Torture Methods

One of the most feared forms of torture, this method was used for those accused of blasphemy. The victim was placed inside this caged coffin, and rendered immobile till death.

4) Breast Ripper

Ancient Torture Methods

The name says it all. Used for witches, and women accused of adultery.

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5) The Stove

In a wave of sadistic genius, ‘The Stove’ was contrived. The convicted was chained around the stove which was then heated and the victim’s skin and internal organs were burnt, causing the most harrowing death.

6) The Torture Chair

Ancient Torture Methods

The spikes penetrated the accused person’s body, bringing about death by loss of blood.

7) Saw Torture

Ancient Torture Methods

The victims were sawed through the middle of their body by ugly Goblin look-alikes.

8) The Brazen Bull

Ancient Torture Methods

This sadistic masterpiece was engineered to punish law-violators. The convicted was to be placed inside the bronze bull, with a fire lit underneath to roast the violator to a nice crispy death. Interestingly, the screams of the victim inside, as they emanated from the bull’s mouth, sounded like the bellowing of a bull.

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