6 Animals That Outlived All Others From Their Species

May, 21, 2014: These animals probably ate fit and exercised to live this long.

Extreme longevity of age among human beings get a lot of media attention, but the same is not the case when it comes to animals. A simple Google search would reveal that Japan's Misao Okawa (116 years, 77 days) is the oldest living woman on Earth right now, while the United States' Alexander Imich (111 years, 106 days) is the oldest man.

Amidst their fame, members of the animal kingdom are forgotten, but we decided to bring you a list of the longest living beings that are not human.

Oldest Cat

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

The World's oldest catis a 24-year-old feline named Poppy. That's 114 years in human years. Hailing from Bournemouth, United Kingdom, she was recently recognized by guinnessworldrecords.com as the oldest cat alive at this moment on Earth.

She is not the oldest cat ever recorded though. That title goes to a Felis catus named Creme Puff, who at the time of its death in 2005, was an astonishing 38-years-old.


Oldest Dog

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

With an age of 29 years and 125 days, a Polish dog named nicknamed Minius is believed to be the oldest canine in the world. The title became his after an even older dog, Max, died last year less than a 100 days before his 30th birthday.

However, Minius' record isn't verified by Guinness, and there are several other dog owners who claim their animal is the oldest. The last one whose claim Guinness recognizes was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years, 6 months and 12 days. Its picture can be seen above.


Oldest Flamingo

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

The world's oldest flamingo, nicknamed Greater, died in January 2014 atAdelaide Zoo at the age of 83. It didn't die of natural causes but was actually put down because it had severe arthritis and was nearly blind.


Oldest Whale

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

A bowhead whale that was attacked by Eskimos lived for 107 years before its death in 2007. Scientists were able to estimate its age because the animal had carried a harpoon point in its neck for more than a hundred years. Experts dated the weapon to a New England factory active around 1880.


Oldest Goldfish

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

There is no proof to verify this claim, but it is believed that a fish named Hanako was the world's oldest. After swimming for 226 years in Japan, the scarlet koi died in 1977. The estimate of her age was made through the scales on her body.


Oldest Lion

Oldest And Longest Living Animals

The oldest lion according to website Lion.org lived for 29 years. No further information about this long living beast is available.

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