The Most Epic Customer Service Meltdown Ever

Listen: A man completely lost his mind on a customer service rep, who, amazingly, was nothing but professional the whole way through.

The audio above is the most epic customer service meltdown you have ever heard (warning: loads of curse words). No, really. I don’t like the casual use of the word “ever,” but I defy you to come up with a more epic customer service meltdown. You might have gotten a little testy with a customer service person before, but have you ever threatened to show up at his company with a machine gun? Probably not. This customer reaches the plasma level of meltdown after three hours in the purgatory of being put on hold and failing to reach the person he wants (“Michelle”) after dialing her extension “over and over and over!!!”

“I am your worst nightmare,” says the caller, shortly before launching into an expletive-loaded tirade.

The caller was trying to reach a “Michelle” but he refused to give the customer service rep, Mark, his number, explain what his issue was or be put on hold. That left Mark without any way out. He handled it like a pro, repeating, “I’m very sorry sir,” then offering some kind of solution, which would result in more screaming.

Here is what we know about the customer service meltdown. The company being called is an unidentified security systems company. They are unidentified because they did not want this customer service call escaping the internet, and the employee who leaked it is afraid of repercussions, even though he doesn’t work there anymore. “I might be breaking some kind of law,” he writes, but also believes that the audio “belongs to the internet.”The customer service call happened four years ago, and Mark, the employee who took the call, has also since left the company (but he is apparently not the one who leaked it).

The security company has since taken some kind of legal action against the caller, which is not a bad idea, seeing as he offhandedly threw out the possibility of getting a machine gun and mowing down random employees at the company.

Be nice to people in the service industry, folks. They have hard jobs, and it’s not their fault that you are losing your mind.

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