Little Debbie Seriously Needs To Make Will Ferrell Their New Mascot

Will Ferrell shows up at Jimmy Fallon's dressed up as Little Debbie.

Will Ferrell pulls another one of his stunts, this time dressing up as the spokesperson for Little Debbie. Anyone else get really excited that this might be a real thing? A new modern and hilarious approach to the cakes we loved as kids? 

Unfortunately, it turns out that this was just a gag, and Will Ferrell is not in fact the new face of Little Debbie. The brand released this statement:

"McKee Foods was delightfully surprised by Will Ferrell's appearance. While this was not a coordinated publicity stunt, nor a paid advertisement, we appreciate both the humor of the segment and the exposure our Little Debbie brand to Jimmy Fallon's huge national audience."

Ferrell also snuck in some plugs for his new movie Get Hard, which may have been the whole intention behind this all along. Rather than fully promoting his movie shamelessly, he instead dresses up as a cute little girl for a gag. Very funny.


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