Little Girl Wants To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

Rachel wants to buy a toy owl, and she has a brilliant plan to help her get it.

A dad was spending some time with his two children, Rachel and Jason, who were playing in the snow. Looking at his son play, he struck up a conversation with his pensive daughter, asking, “How did your brother get so silly?”

The adorable little girl, who didn’t have an answer to the question, looked a little puzzled at first but then she came up with an idea.

Rachel suggested to her father they should sell Jason to the pet store because “something in him is wrong.”

As the father daughter duo went ahead to discuss the prospects of the plan, Rachel said  someone would easily buy her brother for $1. She didn’t seem to be too sure though, as she suddenly realized he might be worth a bit more than that so quoted a price of $54.

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The fun doesn’t end here, the girl went on to explain that she could use the moolah to buy a toy owl since she “really really” wanted to buy one.

However, the girl discusses the idea of going back to the store later on to check if her brother is there, and maybe to even buy him back on sale.

We’re not sure if the little boy will really be keen on the idea, but the last part of the video shows the father and daughter letting Jason know of the plan. He doesn’t look too worried though.

Check out the adorable clip above.

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