9 Year Old Girl Stuns Everyone With Her Yodeling At A Flea Market in TN.


The internet is a place that can either make or break you. But nearly everyone who checks the video above, will agree that this 9-year old is here to stay. For a long time.

Meet Emi Sunshine. Emi, who is from Tennessee is currently taking the internet by storm with her cover of Jimmie Rodgers. She sang ‘Blue Yodel No. 6‘ at a flea market in Sweetwater, Tennessee in the video above and we really think she will one day be one amazing country and blues singer.

The Blue Yodel No 6 by Jimmie Rodgers is one of the most beloved country classics and Emi Sunshine’s cover is so fantastic that it takes the entire Sweetwater, Tennessee flea market by surprise. You can see the crowd being amazed by her.

Check out 9 year old Emi Sunshine singing Jimmie Rodgers’ Blue Yodel No 6 in Sweetwater, TN.

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