Live Adobe Photoshop Prank At Bus Stop Amazes Commuters By Putting Them In Ads (VIDEO)


No wonder these people are creative geniuses!

To promote their new Photoshop software and Creative day event, taking place on 11th of June, Adobe brought photographer and Photoshop expert Erik Johansson to amuse commuters with a little twist in their everyday journey at a bus stop in Stockholm, Sweden

They executed a hilarious prank that required a Photoshop magician, some commuters and lots of hidden cameras.

First they set up with a flat screen TV billboard at the bus stop. Then the hidden expert took pictures of waiting commuters, changed their photos in something hilarious via Photoshop and sent them to the billboard at the bus stop.

The commuters were amazed and shocked to see themselves in various ads and their expression is totally priceless.

Check out the amusing creative prank in the video above.

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