Louis C.K. Thinks Standardized Testing Is A Nightmare For Your Kids

We agree. Louis C.K tweeted about the nightmare students of today must live through - standardized testing.

Louis C.K.


Tests are nothing new to the American schooling system and previous generations have had to live through them. Still, never have they been given such colossal prominence in academics.

These scores now serve as intellect measurement, determining the worthiness of a student and a chart of capability – an ineffective one, at that.

Louis C.K.

And what purpose do they serve? Besides representing a money minting business for the manufacturers of these exams, that is.  That’s right. These guys earn a disgustingly high amount of profit.  Oh and the best yet,  these corporations painstakingly sell teaching materials designed to raise scores on the tests they design.

“Corporate and financial interests need to standardize education to reap the benefits of a huge market potential. Today, with the blessings of decision makers at the highest levels, a branch of a British conglomerate Pearson America reaps huge profits from sales of its “canned” and standardized educational products,” writes Robert R Arnold, a professor emeritus of education from SUNY Plattsburgh, who has 60 years of experience as teacher and researcher.

Then why do these standardized tests such as the SAT, exist. It is because they’re quick, easy and painless.

Louis C.K.

The multiple choice questions can be scanned by the machines in no time and scores, tabulated. Voila! Why would test-takers want to administer a more well-rounded structure of assessment?

It’s madness. American children are tested to an extent that remains unmatched in both our history and education systems the world over.

Many educators and parents are well aware that quality education has long been sacrificed by standardized tests.

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