Peruvian Soccer Player Gets Struck By Lightning, Survives

One unlucky football player wasn’t quite up to speed with weather, as he was struck by lightning.

The Beautiful Game was recently cast under some stormy weather – and while that’s never stopped anybody from playing football a series of superstitious events for a Peruvian player would say otherwise. In a recent Copa Peru match, Joao Contreras Fuentes was struck by lightning – and lived to tell the tale.


Amazing, it was all captured on video. Though, the phrase “as quick as lightning” has never been so true, because it happens so fast, the human eye misses out on seeing the lightning bolt.

What is not amiss, however, is Fuentes who suddenly falls to the ground.

Afterwards, he was taken to the hospital where it was reported that he was pronounced dead. But who knows if it’s bad luck, the crazy stormy weather or just bad reporting, because it was soon reported after that he was in fact alive, albeit injured with second degree burns.

The doctors say that it’s quite a miracle that his heart remained unaffected as the lightning bolt pierced through his body. Hopefully the lucky guy will make a speedy recovery.

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