College Professor Is The Victim Of This Year's Best April Fool's Day Prank

This could very well be the pick of all pranks from this year's April Fool's Day.

A Macroeconomics professor at Michigan's Aquinas Collegehas his unique way of keeping his students from using their cell phones in his class. Whenever a phone rings during his class, he makes the student answer the call on speakerphone.

While the clever Prof may have had a lot of fun in the past brandishing his funny way of punishing insubordination, the plan backfired hilariously when his pupils decided to use it against him on April Fool's Day.

This time, a girl's phone rang, and she was made to answer as expected, but the thing that happens next is what makes this prank one of the funniest and most neatly executed ones you'll ever see.

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