Incredible Makeup Artist Becomes Human Barbie In Just 90 Seconds

Her makeup wizardry can make you look like a Barbie doll in no time.

People spend thousands of dollars on facial surgeries to become human Barbies, but makeup genius Kandee Johnson can develop the same doll-like looks with nothing but regular stuff found in her makeup bag.

The Los Angeles native is a genius with the brush in her hands and runs a YouTube channel on which she frequently posts videos about how to look like famous celebrities.

She recently made a time lapsed video titled Hi-Speed Barbie Transformation, which has already been viewed 650,000 times by Mattel fanatics.

In the video below, you can see Johnson demonstrating from scratch how one can look like a Barbie doll on a shoestring budget and without going under the knife at all. (Take note Valeria Lukyanova!)

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