Malaysia Launches Its First Sharia-Compliant Airline

Muslim cabin crew don the hijab while non-Muslims must wear a “decent uniform.”

Malaysia has launched its first Islam-compliant airline, Rayani Air. The maiden flight took off from its capital, Kuala Lumpur on Dec. 20 and landed at Langkawi.

The airline follows sharia, or Islamic, law, with Muslim female staff required to wear a hijab as part of the dress code, while non-Muslims must wear a “decent uniform.” All meals served on the flight are halal and consuming alcohol on the plane is forbidden. 

Moreover, every flight will start off with a prayer recital.

Although there are other sharia-friendly carriers operating around the world, for Malaysia this is the first, and is surely a big step toward encouraging other airlines to follow similar patterns.

U.K.-based Firnas Airways is already planning to introduce similar flights in the coming year, Bloomberg reports.

Currently operating with two Boeing 737 jets, the airline hopes to offer regular flights to Mecca for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages in the next few years.

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Introducing Rayani Air flights is a great initiative from Malaysia’s end since many women previously were unable to become air hostesses due to their hijab now have the opportunity of getting into the aviation industry. 

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