Is This The Most Ridiculously Awesome Penalty Ever?

June, 5, 2014: You may have never seen this happen before.

This has to be the most devious way of scoring a penalty.

Maldives player Ashad Ali Adubarey helped secure his team victory against Afghanistan and the third place in the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup with a shrewd strategy.

During the penalty shootout, Adubarey started his run-up, landed on his face, quickly got up again and scored a magnificent goal. The crowd was bemused and the goalie utterly stupefied. He did so on purpose to put off the goal keeper and it certainly worked. The referee didn’t declare it a foul. It was glorious.

While the penalty was phenomenal, the match itself was no less entertaining. The score was 0-0 after 90 minutes, 1-1 after extra-time and level after five spot kicks each. When the penalty shootout entered sudden death, Maldives went on to win 9-8.

The final for the 2015 Asian Cup will be held in Australia.

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Adubarey has now secured a place in our top five funniest penalties ever. Check the other four out below:

This goal keeper got served big time and, frankly, he deserved it:

Lionel Messi got dirty and secured a card instead of a goal:

This guy tried to pull a Messi. What in the world was he thinking?

Well at least the poor guy saved:

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