Mall Santa Helps Boy With Autism Get In The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is just around the corner but for one little boy, Santa Claus has already arrived and brought lots of happiness and joy.

A North Carolina family is absolutely delighted by Santa Claus’ kindness after he did something special to make their autistic child’s day.

Erin Deely, whose 6-year-old son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, says she thought her child might never be able to experience certain things or get holiday pictures taken. However, things took a turn for the better for Brayden Deely when his family participated in an event, “A Magical Visit From Caring Santa,” at South Park Mall.

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The event is specifically held to allow children like Brayden with disabilities to interact with Santa Claus and spend some time with him. These children get the opportunity to click pictures with Santa while they form a bond of trust with the legendary figure.

According to Brayden’s mother, the little boy seemed unsure and afraid as he approached Santa at first. “He gets anxious if you ask him to smile, it's all too much for him.'”

However, Santa who was perched on a chair made things easier for the child as he got to the floor with toys to play with him. The kind act made Brayden smile from ear-to-ear and made their interaction a lot of fun.

Mall Santa Claus Autistic Little Boy

Mall Santa Claus Autistic Little Boy

“I just wanted to hug Santa, because I was so happy that he got down, I knew what would make Brayden comfortable, but I didn't want to tell them that,” Deely told Fox 46

His father added that it's a rare experience to see his son like that. 

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“It's once in a blue moon that we will see him engaged like that,” Dan Deely, Brayden's father told Fox 46. 

Mall Santa Helps Boy

Mall Santa Claus

An organization, Autism Speaks has joined hands with real estate company Simon Property Group, Inc. and services company, Noerr Programs Corporation, for the Caring Santa program. AbilityPath, a special needs community is also part of the program designed to help make lives better for people with disabilities. 

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