Dog Goes Completely Bonkers Over Weather Report

Who knew weather updates could be so exciting to the canine ear? See how Ripple responds to Mike Sobel’s weather update.

Pet owners can probably relate to this the most.

The people at Global News decided to let weather man Mike Sobel bring on an extra during the weather segment of their news report. And it was for a good cause, too, to raise awareness for the Edmonton Humane Society, which is dedicated toward animal welfare.

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So the local weatherman appears with a very sweet looking dog named Ripple. But bringing an adorable dog (who’s still a puppy, it seems) on air to help report on the weather can’t always work out the way you’d want it to. 

Sometimes our pets get the best of us in their friskiness. And that is exactly what happens here as Ripple gets excited – perhaps too excited, about being on television.

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