Man Builds Cardboard Castle Fort Of Kids' Dreams And City Wants It Destroyed

Ogden city, why do you ruin all the fun? This guy wins it as father of the year after building an amazing cardboard castle fort that every kid has dreamed about building.

Jeremy Trentelman brought some boxes home from work and built an amazing fort for his kids and other neighborhood children. Not only is it fun for the kids, it’s also recycling in the best possible way, right?

Cardboard Castle in Utah city

His city didn’t see it that way though. Ogden city is officially the destroyer of little kids’ dreams everywhere.

Ogden sent the family a notice saying that the cardboard castle of dreams violated city code. They gave them 15 days to tear down the magnificent fort or pay $125 with legal action.

Fortunately, Trentelman had a good attitude about it.


Dad Builds Cardboard Castle For His Kids


“It’s cardboard, but it doesn’t look like garbage to me. So, initially, I was a little bit mad. But very shortly I just kind of laughed about the whole thing. I’m not going to fight it. It’s cardboard. It’s going to last as long as it lasts, and we’ll take it down at Day 14.”

Party at the Trentelman’s until Day 14.  


cardboard castle for kids

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