Man Buys Wrong Lottery Ticket. A Lucky Mistake!

We hope the next time we mess up our plans it turns out this well. A few extra grand to show for our foibles isn't such a bad way to start the day.

A Connecticut man has found himself $30,000 richer out of a series of small, fortuitous coincidences.

Bob Sabo

Bob Sabo visited the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield to buy a lottery ticket, then decided that he didn’t want to wait in the customer service line. So, on the spur of the moment, he bought a ticket from an instant ticket vending machine instead, for the sake of convenience. He had never done so before, and did not expect anything much to come of it.

What’s more, Sabo did not have his glasses on, which resulted in his buying the wrong ticket. He had meant to buy two $20 tickets (to double his odds), but bought a single $30 30X scratcher ticket on accident.

Moments like those, you grumble a little, and then reassure yourself that the difference is negligible, that your odds of winning the lottery are pretty nil regardless of the number of tickets you have.

Connecticut Man Mistakenly Buys Wrong Lottery Ticket, Ends Up Winning $30000

And then, if you’re Bob Sabo, you immediately go on to win $30,000, completely shattering any and all expectations of unremarkable realism. You are now the proverbial man who won the lottery.

Sabo won the top prize in a game he hadn’t even meant to play. If his luck keeps on like this, we expect he’ll find the next winning lottery ticket in plate of truffles and magic that’ll spontaneously materialize in his bedroom.

Connecticut man forgets glasses, wins lottery

Sabo himself appears to recognize the strangeness of his fortune, and views the whole event with grateful humility:

“Winning the way we did was a very freaky thing.”

Agreed, Mr. Sabo. Agreed.

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