Man Was Caught Secretly Being A Fan, His Reaction Is PRICELESS

This video has Reddit going crazy and once you watch it you’ll know why.

A lot of women were cheering Dutch pop sensation Snollebollekes' song "Bam Bam (Bam)" when suddenly the eye of the camera captured this gem of a moment.

A male audience member, who clearly didn’t want to publicly admit his fandom for the performer, was caught gleefully putting his hands together. As the camera shifted towards him, he immediately stopped clapping and started to pretend he was enjoying his drink all along.

Unfortunately though, it was a little too late.

The classic reaction was posted in a YouTube clip on social media website Reddit where, as it always happens, people had a field day with it.

A user found out the name of the song which is apparently a bizarre “Carnaval” hit from the province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands.

And, someone immortalized the moment in a GIF file:

As hilarious as his reaction may be, the video also shows how some men would never let go of their so-called “manly” image.

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