Man Crashes Into DMV During Driving Test

The DMV is probably designed to be hit by bad drivers anyway.

Everyone has been so frustrated while waiting at the DMV that they wish they could crash into it, but for most people that’s just a fantasy.

An 87-year-old man was taking a driving exam in Deerfield, Illinois, when he did one of the absolute worst things possible in the situation: he hit the side of the DMV building.

“There is some damage to the building, but they’ll have it repaired immediately,” said the spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, Dave Druker, according to The Chicago Tribune.

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The incident occurred around noon and thankfully, police said that no one was injured. Duker went on to say that it appeared that while the test was in progress, the man stepped on the accelerator instead of the break and hit DMV property as a result. This particular driver got off very lucky, ridiculously so some might say. He wasn’t issued a ticket for the incident and the man still passed the driving test.

The facility was able to remain open, much to the lukewarm indifference of the citizens of Deerfield. 

(Banner photo credit: Flickr Chris Harrison)

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