Man Dies After Paying For Strangers Groceries, Inspiring A Movement

A young man did something very kind for a stranger at a grocery store. What happened next is tragic indeed, but kicked off a chain reaction of good deeds.

Matthews Legacy

Matthew Jackson, 28, was in a Trader Joe’s store in California, when he came across a stranger who was standing in line to pay her grocery bill, but had her credit card declined.

The young man quietly offered to pay the $200 bill for Jamie-Lynne Knighten, which she happily accepted. In return, he simply requested Knighten pay the good deed forward.

Knighten, surprised at how someone could be so kind and generous, could not stop thinking about Jackson and how he had saved her in a tough situation, which led her to track him down at the gym he worked at, she recounted.

However, she was absolutely shocked when manager Angela Lavider informed her that Jackson had died in a car crash on Nov. 11, just a day after she had met him at the store.

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Knighten then decided to start a platform called “Matthew’s Legacy” to honor Jackson. It is an online forum where strangers come together, read Matthew’s story, and also share their acts of kindness, in hopes of paying it forward.

She contacted Jackson’s mother via his workplace and shared with her the act of kindness done by her son.

"I knew he had a kind heart towards people, but hearing all these stories goes beyond what I knew," Jackson’s mom LeeAnn Krymow told ABC News. "What was very odd to me was that it [the act of kindness] happened on my birthday and when he got home that night he must have called me right after he got home from Trader Joe's, wishing me a 'Happy Birthday.' It was late and I was already in bed, so I didn't take the call. I still regret not taking the call.”

The social media page is now up and running and has brought many people together to share their heart-warming stories. Here are some of the posts:


From Lisa - I just read the story of Matthew. We definitely need more people like this in our world! I will do my best...

Posted by MatthewsLegacy on  Monday, 30 November 2015

WOW! Hi Jaine-LynneThe world needs more Mathews . I am currently in the Philippines and will be on look-out for...

Posted by MatthewsLegacy on  Monday, 30 November 2015

From Katie - Thank you so much for sharing this story. Matthew's actions and testimony to a giving heart prompted me...

Posted by MatthewsLegacy on  Monday, 30 November 2015

From a supporter, Angie -This is a beautiful story and my family and I are strong believers on kindness and paying it...

Posted by MatthewsLegacy on  Sunday, 29 November 2015


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