Planning To Eat Noodles Tonight? Watch This Video First Because There Might Be Some Plastic In It

Planning to eat noodles tonight? You need to be a bit careful then.

YouTuber Twinclouds1 has totally gone viral this weekend after publishing the videoabove which shows that there’s apparently some plastic fillers in Asian noodles he purchased at a company located in California.

Although it may not be plastic but the different flame reactions definitely call for some ingredient inquiry.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:


What happens when you cook the plastic? Does it retain it's plasticity, or does it fall apart? Like, if you were to chew some with other noodles, would you notice?

Hard to believe that plastic noodle-looking pieces would be an intentional additive. I can't see it being cheaper, I can't see the company thinking they'd get away with it for long... I just don't see the motive.


This dude needs to send this video to a news affiliate in the town where they make these.


This is clearly a mistake where some plastic got into the noodle processing machine. Plastic costs more than noodles which are insanely cheap. It would make no sense to mix the odd strand of plastic to save money...

The question is: Do they really put plastic fillers in rice stick noodles? What do you think, let us know with your comments.

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